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Honeybush Banana Nut - Herbal Dessert Tea

Honeybush Banana Nut - Herbal Dessert Tea

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One sip of our Honeybush Banana Nut tea and you'll feel as though you're standing in the middle of your local bakery, about to take a bite out of a freshly baked muffin! This smooth brew deliciously combines your love of baked goods with our full-bodied honeybush tea. So not only is it sugar-free, it is caffeine-free as well! Making it the perfect indulgence for both morning and night.

Serve hot or cold, any time of day or night.

Category: Herbal Tea

Caffeine Free



    Honeybush tea, apple pieces, cinnamon, cocoa nibs, natural banana & chestnut flavor, marigold flowers

    How to Brew?

    Suggested ratio of tea preparation is one teaspoon of leaves per 8 ounces of water. However, light and voluminous teas will taste best with twice the leaves. Experiment and enjoy!

    Use boiling water when preparing black, dark oolong and voluminous teas, and cooler (180F) water when steeping green, light oolong and white teas.

    Do not steep your teas longer than recommended or it will turn bitter. The rule of thumb is 5 minutes for most teas, and only 3 minutes for green and light oolong.


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    Tasting Notes

    Smelling Honeybush Banana Nut is like opening your oven to the heartwarming fragrance of banana bread. Its powerful aroma surrounds you in a delicious world of banana and cinnamon with hints of chocolate and honey, bringing immense comfort and memories of autumn. 

    Our tea’s indulgent banana flavor envelopes you as notes of cinnamon dance elegantly on your tongue. A gentle base of honey sweetly guides all the other flavors until you reach the bottom of your cup. The mix holds hints of autumn in every sip, creating a fantastic dessert tea perfect for the end of your day.



    A creamy splash of milk elevates this tea’s sweet comfort, making it taste even more like a fresh muffin. A generous teaspoon of honey also elevates the honeybush flavor, making for striking flavors. 

    This dessert tea will compliment your favorite baked desserts like brownies, cookies, and cakes. Fruity treats also pair nicely with this tea’s prominent flavors. 

    Tasting Notes

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