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Gunpowder - Green Tea

Gunpowder - Green Tea

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Green tea from the Guangdong province of China. Gunpowder tea, as the name implies, is made up of leaves hand-rolled into tiny pellets. These resemble gunpowder, and give this tea its distinct name. Continuing this bang-bang theme, our special-grade version of this tea is named after a year that saw lots of cannon action. Our "1812 Gunpowder" produces a full-bodied cup with a hint of smokiness. And mixes well with peppermint to produce a popular "Moroccan Mint" tea.

Category: Green Tea

Moderate Level of Caffeine  



Green tea from Guangdong

How to Brew?

Suggested ratio of tea preparation is one teaspoon of leaves per 8 ounces of water. However, light and voluminous teas will taste best with twice the leaves. Experiment and enjoy!

Use boiling water when preparing black, dark oolong and voluminous teas, and cooler (180F) water when steeping green, light oolong and white teas.

Do not steep your teas longer than recommended or it will turn bitter. The rule of thumb is 5 minutes for most teas, and only 3 minutes for green and light oolong.


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Tasting Notes

Gunpowder offers you the pure green tea experience with its grassy, woodsy scent that asks you to stop and breathe. It's like stepping into a serene forest and appreciating its natural calmness. 

Green tea's flavor is subtle and delicate, embodying its calm experience. Earthy tones with a hint of smokiness at the back of your palate offer relaxation and reflection with each sip. 


With flavors this delicate, it's easy to overpower this tea. While best enjoyed pure or with a touch of mint, its woody tones are wonderful with savory foods like chicken, stir-fry, and turkey. It's also a great palate cleanser after a hearty meal. 

Tasting Notes

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