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Blood Orange - Herbal Tea

Blood Orange - Herbal Tea

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The blood orange is a culinary favorite, with its deep vibrant color and sweet, tangy flavor. A perfect ingredient for a refreshing herbal blend! This naturally sweet, caffeine-free tea pairs blood orange peels with hibiscus flowers and rose hips. Rich, hearty and tangy, with a good balance of orange peel dryness and fruit juiciness.

Serve hot or cold, any time of day or night.

Category: Herbal Tea

Caffeine Free



Hibiscus, orange, rose hips, and natural orange flavor

How to Brew?

Suggested ratio of tea preparation is one teaspoon of leaves per 8 ounces of water. However, light and voluminous teas will taste best with twice the leaves. Experiment and enjoy!

Use boiling water when preparing black, dark oolong and voluminous teas, and cooler (180F) water when steeping green, light oolong and white teas.

Do not steep your teas longer than recommended or it will turn bitter. The rule of thumb is 5 minutes for most teas, and only 3 minutes for green and light oolong.


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Tasting Notes 

The unique aroma of blood orange will get your mouth watering, fitting right in with the flowery background to bring summertime to your home. 

This blood orange tea has its unique citrusy and savory flavors in the front of your palate with a delicious flowery meadow flavor in the back. 


Honey is a wonderful way to complete the tea's flavors, complementing the citrus and floral tastes. Sweet snacks like fruits and cupcakes work well for the same reason.

Tasting Notes 

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